Digital Transformation Drivers in Manufacturing

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Digital Transformation

According to a recent Comcast Business survey, digital transformation is beginning to establish itself. In particular, a digital transformation initiative has been completed by 54 percent of organisations and 58 percent are in the process of implementing one.

As organisations plan and undergo digital transformation initiatives, the study affirms that each company needs to remain relevant as one fundamental component: a relentless focus on empathetic customer experience, supported by connected technologies and networked infrastructure.

The study found that organisations at the forefront of digital transformation combine direct and contextual customer data with analytics and business intelligence technologies to create “scale empathy,” including a deep understanding of the customer, anticipating their expectations, desires, needs and actions, and responding to those needs and expectations in a caring and connected manner.

It is crucial to be able to provide a data-driven experience. This means that everything needs to be customer-focused, that the strategic direction needs to be matched with that customer-focused approach, and that companies need to develop an infrastructure and a customer-focused technology framework that offers a route to communication and understanding between company and consumer empathy.

Power of the customer experience. Enhancing the customer experience continues to be a key driver in organizations’ digital transformation journeys, with 43% of respondents saying that one of the top three drivers to take on a digital transformation effort was to improve the customer experience, 34% saying it was to attract new customers, and 29% noting it was to retain existing customers.

According to the study, one of the “founding but often overlooked” ways of creating an excellent customer experience includes the use of technological infrastructure combining data and processes across multiple departments and functions, offering a common source of information and customer reality.

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